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Employment and Internship Opportunities

Religions for Peace USA Executive Officers are proud to announce two new positions opening up:

Internship Opportunities for Winter, Spring, and Summer 2018



Religions for Peace USA is currently inviting applications for internship placements.  Known as “Fellows,” interns can work and learn in a variety of roles, including: doing research for an existing program, grant application, position paper or speech; researching, designing, and/or implementing a program, a local activity, or writing a grant for the same; or assisting with the development of public relations materials, direct mail execution, or other executive communications.


Interns will have the opportunity of learning how to write a grant, to write feature pieces for our website/e-news/blog, visit the United Nations for a tour, and to have individual reflection time with the senior staff and other colleagues on your work.


The current program foci are: 1) building interreligious community, 2) addressing Islamophobia and other forms of religious discrimination, and 3) advancing environmental protection and climate change advocacy.


Please send inquiries to Ms. Donna Bollinger at .


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